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Slow internet connection? Blue screen? Viruses? With our remote support, we can solve most of these problems for you, without you having to get up from your chair.
You can watch us live and interrupt the session at any time if you have any doubts. The chat function remains available during the session.
CLIX Support Repair Deal usually takes no longer than 15 minutes and works on a No Cure, No Pay basis.
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Do you want a new website or is your current website due for replacement? Choose one of our templates and let us redesign your business card. Our experts will also ensure that your website meets all security requirements again.

With a new website, you also need a hosting company, which we also offer. In this way, we can take the creation of the website completely out of your hands. Contact us for more information.

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About us

CLIX is a young and dynamic company which specialises in pre-owned software for the business and private market.

You can also contact us for installation support, a computer check or questions about your purchased software and hardware.

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