Hardware repair

Is your PC or laptop broken? Does the fan make a noise as if it might take off at any moment? Does your keyboard stick?
Do you want these problems fixed? Quickly create your shipping label and your device will be picked up at your home!
In our examination centre we first make a diagnosis and inform you by e-mail or by phone which defects we have found.
Most repairs are covered by the CLIX Hardware Repair deal*. Think of the internal cleaning of both laptops and entire computer cases, Keyboard repair and cleaning.
 After repair your device will be returned to you.
On all our repairs you have 12 months warranty, which starts on the day you received the device back.
Besides repairs we also give advice. Because a computer needs both software and hardware maintenance, we can give you personal advice to extend the life of your device.
Think of setting restore points, removing or installing software programs.
Unfortunately, repairs vary greatly in time. For serious hardware failures, this can take several working days. That is why we charge 2 days per repair.
Hardware repair is only available in the Netherlands
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